A Hard Choice: Should You Buy Instagram Followers or Not?

What is the point of getting an Instagram account? Of course, attention! Attention, recognition, love, fame and a wee bit boasting. We thrive on it, it motivates us to perfect ourselves if not in all-round education, then in photo editing skills. But fame doesn’t come in a night. Unfortunately. With time, we face a dilemma to grow IG audience by ourselves, do that for free or using paid services or to buy Instagram followers? Let’s discuss all the alternatives!

Raising your IG audience will help you to accomplish your audacious concepts and marketing strategies. You will build your and brand awareness. Before embarking on a detailed discussion of all methods of IG promotion, take a look at why you need to increase the number of your followers.

Why should you extend your audience?

There are million reasons for us to increase the number of followers on Instagram. You have probably noticed that Instagram became the center of our social life. Here we communicate with our friends, relatives, acquaintances, we make new friends. Here we run our business, here we make ourselves names and build personal brands. It is from these perspectives, we can distinguish the next reasons for getting a broad audience.

  • To satisfy your assertiveness. Just agree that seeing 5K followers is much more pleasant than 150. As you put so many efforts into the running your account, you want your content to be seen by as many people as possible. The higher number of followers, the more significant amount of likes under each of your posts. That’s pleasant.
  • To make a positive impression of others. One way of attracting new people to your account is the number of your followers. It speaks volumes. The accs with a greater number of followers have credibility, people are more likely to follow such accs.
  • To promote a brand. For every small or large company, it’s essential to promote business via communication with customers. Thus, you will know all their needs and dissatisfactions. They in their turn will see how your brand cares about them.
  • To develop a customer base. The next benefit for businesses. Every new follower equals a potential buyer. You just need to persuade him/her to become so. How? This is the topic for another article.
  • Build a personal brand and start making money on advertisement. If you are not the business person but a blogger, the number of your followers is not less vital for your activity. Your audience is your source of inspiration and of income, of course. No one will offer you a partnership or cooperation if you have a few followers.
personal brand

What methods of growing your account audience exist?

A lot of people wonder how to gain more Instagram followers, but only a few of them really try to do something about that. But honestly, it’s not so hard and infeasible as you think. Read till the end and will realize it.

Growing audience by purchasing followers

I consider this method one of the most rational one. It touches upon the price and efforts put into the promotion and their correlation with the results.

There are a lot of services which offer to by followers. Some of them are cheap, others more expensive. And that is not due to someone’s greed. This difference in prices lies in the fact that some services offer quality followers- real Instagram users, others are not so diligent. So be aware of those differences.

Well, you buy Instagram followers, and that’s all you are a successful blogger and businessman? Famous last words! You need to persuade them to stay with you. As we are talking about real users, it’s essential to present outstanding content and to communicate with the audience actively. Otherwise, they will unfollow you.  

How to get followers on Instagram fast? Just buy them, save time, it’s precious. If you don’t, read the next point.

Oh, and while choosing the suitable service, please, study the comments of its consumers, they will help you to imagine what result you will eventually receive.

study the comments of its consumers

Growing audience organically for free

If you want to know how to get more followers on Instagram free, the next method is for you.

Run a business account. To work on Instagram more efficiently – the first thing after creating an account, tгurn it to a Business Account. This will allow access to statistics for your account. Also on the main page, you will see the buttons: call, email address and show on the map. In the future, customers or advertisers can quickly contact you. You can also run the official advertising through the Instagram app.

Use your contacts. A great way to start is to follow friends from your phone contacts, Facebook and Wechat, whatever. To do this, you need to allow access to contacts in the Settings. It will be a live base of followers – your friends and acquaintances. And if you ask a friend to log in to your Instagram account from his device and do the same? Well, you know what I mean:)

Use hashtags. For each photo, add a caption and hashtags, so that your posts appear in the search and you find TA on Instagram. Use:

  • narrow thematic tags;
  • branded ones;
  • popular hashtags ( a couple, but not too many.)

Mark geolocation. Add your location to the photo. It is relevant if you want to gather followers at large-scale events in your city or in other exciting places. If you are unable to add your location, then you need to enable that in the phone settings first.

“Cross”-like. Use the search by topic hashtags and geolocation. Like and follow users whose content is similar to yours. Wait for feedback. If the feedback is not received, then you can always clean the Following list.

hashtags and geolocation

Hold. A couple of times a day, you should spend 1-2 minutes to leave a like or a meaningful comment for your followers in their feed (the comments left by famous personalities or celebrities work effectively too). Also, look at who your followers like and join them.

Share. Use cross-posting to share your photo with followers on other social networks quickly.

Hold contests. It is not free, obviously. But it can be considered a good and effective advertising company. The viral contest is an integrated approach for promotion on Instagram.

Growing audience organically with the help of paid automation tools

Another sustainable solution to my mind. Whether you buy Instagram followers or attract them with the help of IG bot (or automation tool, whatever), it’s cost and efforts saving. Automation tools operate imitating real human behavior; that’s why they are so popular nowadays. How can you use it? First, you need to bother yourself with is – targeting settings. You may adjust it by hashtags, location, and IG usernames. And only then it will work flawlessly, just like you expect.

Use auto-liking and the following bot. It will like and follow IG users according to your targeting settings. It’s the perfect way to attract people’s attention to your IG acc. This way you draw only live Instagram followers, no fakes.

Automation tools (good ones) provides their own hashtag generators. If you haven’t heard about them, let me explain why you need it.  Hashtags are one of the most performative means for IG promotion. But putting random popular tags in every caption is a shady tactic. Remember, if you put down only popular tags like #instagood #love #photography #follow #likeforfollow #life #photooftheday #likeforlikes #picoftheday #instadaily #insta #instalike #travel #happy #art #cute #photo, it won’t work out. Your posts will be lost among similar ones. But do not quit them at all. Put one or two such tags. Other tags should be more specific ones. And do not repeat them from post to post. That’s why a tag generator will be of much use.

Growing audience artificially for free

You do not have to like and follow unfamiliar users and wait for reciprocity. You just need to register on special service and spend 10-15 minutes to complete simple tasks in order to be able to wind up a sufficient number of followers. To make followers on Instagram, you need:

  1. Pass a registration;
  2. Earn points (performing similar tasks) or buy them for a small fee in any convenient way;
  3. Create your own task.

If you ask me, what I think about these tactics of promotion, I would answer that I prefer either buy first followers and then work with them growing my audience more and more, or to use automation tools to delegate the tasks to them and tackle more vital issues.

a promoted account

Can you make money on a promoted account?

Yes, that’s one of the main reasons why people want to promote their account, remember?

For companies, their accounts (promoted ones), first of all, are the additional advertising of their goods on Instagram. And as we know time is money. While you are attracting followers manually and by our own forces, others just buy their followers and start making money.

It is certainly possible as together with a considerable number of followers you…

Increase your account weight. In itself is of paramount importance. The higher your popularity on Instagram and, as a result, the influence on this social network is, the higher your opportunities for advertising and earnings will be.

Raise your motivation. If you have problems with motivation in the process of implementing your goals, then gaining more followers on IG will make you more confident at times! Thus, you will want to improve yourself and your content as you know that people watch you, the estimate your content. They are your judges now.

Promote your hobby, earn on it. If your business is associated with a particular hobby or you want to tell your hobby to other people, it will be very useful to promote your page. So you can interestingly communicate with like-minded people and earn income by helping these people. For example – placing thematic advertising on your page.

Promote your hobby

Increase customer confidence. If your audience is continually growing you will be more trustworthy, people will buy your service or goods more willingly.

Final note

Today people spend a lion share of our time on Instagram. You can both share beautiful pictures with friends and set up the full-fledged advertising campaign on IG. For that, you need to apply energies to attract some users to your page which will watch your content and even become interested and maybe even buy something from you. Raising your audience, you increase your chances to make a profit of your presence on IG.

From my point of view, there are 4 main methods of how to get a lot of followers on Instagram fast… and maybe not so fast.

The first method is the simplest and most pleasant one – to buy followers. Buying followers, you buy the image-building tool which will prove that the page really worths following. The only stumbling block – you should find the tools which offer only real followers. Do not worry, it’s cheap, around $5-10 for a couple of thousands of followers.

The second method is effective but extremely time-consuming – promote Ig account under your own steam. But in conjunction with the first method, it will take a bombastic effect.

The third method allows to attract real followers but in a more wise and crafty way – implying automation to the whole process. That means auto mass-liking and following.

The fourth method is less demanding that the second one, but still requires putting a lot of efforts. You complete some tasks, receive points and them followers. Each service has its own rules of play.

Whatever method you use, it will bring you a lot of benefits:

  • Increasing the popularity of yours and raising the influence of the author profile;
  • Successful business development in the world wide web;
  • Effective business development in real life and profit growth due to the increase in the number of sales of goods or services.

A competent approach to the process of promotion allows you to promote yourself and your business truly effectively. Choose and go ahead! Be quick, but don’t hurry! Good luck!

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