Sunday Habits for Great Week

The world’s richest person and the first billionaire in the history of mankind John Davison Rockefeller said: “Who works all day, has no time to make money”. This is an upset but true fact.

The time-consuming hard work doesn’t always bring a good income. Sleepless nights into the office make you a workaholic. When you are full of goals it’s difficult to find a balance between work and rest. But it’s necessary. Otherwise, you can lose your ability to try something new, go beyond, expand horizons.

Business Insider collected tips of writers, producers, coaches, general directors, and psychologists how highly successful people spend their time after work. The secret is simple: Sundays are dedicated to supercharging. And you can adopt the same manners and be more effective and fascinated.

Your Friends

Have fun with your Friends and Family

Actress Angelina Jolie may be a sex symbol on the screen, but switches to Mom mode at home with her children.

Even if you don’t have kids, you can carry on the identical principle: you choose the time when you’re focused on your loved ones. The weekend is the perfect chance to meet your parents, stroll at the park and go to your wife’s cherished restaurant. It’s basic if you want to relax and rejuvenate.

Organize Mini-Adventures

Buy tickets to your favorite musical band, plan a picnic or walking near a park. Uplifting events before Monday are good in order to switch attention to positive and prolong the weekend.

the next week

Make a schedule for the next week

The weekend is a perfect time to use a few minutes projecting your week ahead. It helps to minimize stressful situations. The work feels a lot more realizable when you have a schedule because all you need is execute it.

Start Exercising

No time to do sport on a regular basis? The weekend gives the opportunity to take exercise. Sport build more stamina, protect you from stress, release an endorphin. That’s why after exercising you feel eventually happy. Endorphins minimize the discomfort from exercising, block pain and associated with the feeling of euphoria. Physical activity is an antidote to your personal sorrows, fears, and general confusion. Overall, sport often stimulates the imagination.

Eat healthy food

A glass of favorite wine is an interesting idea. But definitely not Sunday! Alcohol is a powerful depressant. Therefore, there is a risk to feel at the lowest ebb on Monday morning. When you’re filling your body with healthy food, you’re giving yourself a boost of energy that will fuel you throughout the day and help you feel beautiful. It is better to enjoy a healthy meal and drink herbal tea or mineral water with lemon.


Most successful people read every night before bed. And Sunday evening is no exception. Reading is a strong instrument for the mind’s development.


Successful people often use the weekend to call friends or parents. And also carve out time for personal correspondence, if you haven’t enough time during the week.

Disconnect the tech

Disconnecting is an important day off method on this guide. If you are online from Friday to Monday, you’ve never really relaxed. It could lead to burnout. Give your body, mind, and soul a rest by taking a break from social media and putting the devices aside. Feel what it’s like to experience life through your eyes and senses, and spend time connecting to real-life human beings. The world is a wonderful place and life is an incredible experience when you step back and live in real life.


Take time to reflect

Think about how you can improve your work. The most effective method is to write your thoughts on a sheet of paper. It is easier to identify the true causes of concern or to see that things are not as bad as they seem. In any case, the process will give a valuable discharge.


Sunday is your last day of the weekend so don’t spend it dreading the upcoming week. Make time to sit back and relax. You need a few moments to energize your mind and body. 8-hour sleep and healthy food are fuel for the human being.

Get up early

Research shows that your mind is sharpest two and a half to four hours after waking. Get up early on a weekend and you’ve got a head start on the rest of the world.

Work as volunteers

Volunteering is a way to feel a union with other people and the significance of a common great deal. Altruism has a transformative influence on the giver and can form a new understanding of life. According to searches, volunteers demonstrate increased growth and personal well-being.

Get in touch with the beautiful

Sunday provides a brilliant opportunity to get in touch with the beautiful by organizing a cultural program. A trip to the theater, a tour of the museum or to historical locations.


Make connections

What is team building? Go to boring events and awkwardly toil among strangers? Scarcely. Establishing connections only means that you shouldn’t, for instance, forget to congratulate a colleague on a new appointment. In the midst of the week, it can be difficult to set aside time, and the weekend evening is great for maintaining good relations with colleagues.

Finish the day off on a positive note

Monday will come no matter how you feel, so it’s important to end the weekend with a positive — focus on pleasant thoughts and inspired experiences.

Change your mind about Monday

These habits couldn’t cure the Sunday fears if you don’t also transform your thoughts. You have to stop imagining Monday as a dreadful, dazed, very bad day, and you have to start looking at it for all of its prospects: the opportunity it presents for a good start, the opening it gives you for an efficient week.

Final Words

Our habits form our lives. They have a big influence on the ways we accept life – often without us noticing. It’s important to set up healthy habits that allow you to support a higher baseline of awareness. Consider adding just one of these manners to your weekend until it sticks. Then go to the next one. Over time, you can support all of them and you’ll be more content and fascinated.

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