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YouTube is a popular video hosting where users can share their videos, subscribe to a variety of channels and much more. Originally conceived as an entertainment venue, he stepped far ahead, transforming into an effective tool for making money.

Earning on Youtube is beneficial because most people find it easier and more convenient to get information in the form of video rather than text. It is better to see once how to fix headphones or cook a dish than to study a long text and try to understand it. This psychological feature of people allows owners of YouTube channels to receive about $1000 monthly. If a person can think creatively, different dedication and perseverance — this number will increase several times.

You can get the maximum profit if you understand how much money can you make on YouTube and how to use YouTube money calculator. One of the concepts with which you will often meet – CPM – price per 1000 views. This indicator is very important for advertisers. 

As we said above, the cost per thousand impressions is the amount paid by advertisers to the service for every thousand views of their ads. There is a natural question: what does the owner of the channel, YouTube take 45% of the price per thousand impressions. Simple calculations make it clear: if CPM is $7, then you, as the owner, will get %3.85. 

The amount that owners receive per thousand impressions is called RPM – revenue per thousand. Naturally, the highest price per thousand impressions will be useless if the video has no views. To get profit from the channel, you need to invest as much as possible – then the CPM will increase. You can find out whether it is possible to increase the price for views, but first, you need to calculate the current cost per thousand.

Here’s how YouTube calculator counts your RPM: $140/40.000*1.000= 3,5. This means you earn $3.5 for every 1000 views.

This indicator of YouTube pay scale varies from country to country:

Great Britain8,42$

The general logic is simple – in rich and economically developed countries, advertising is more expensive and it brings more money to the author of the channel.

Remember that specifying a country in the channel settings will not affect your YouTube money calculator. Because it depends on the viewers, their parameters and location, not on the channel settings.

And there is another important factor: YouTube does not allow to monetize videos that have violations detected by the Content ID system, as well as cruel content, military actions, and other conflicts and tin. These videos will not bring you income.

During the year, the yield also changes. Minimum income is usually in January and maximum in December. This is due to the planning of advertising campaigns by major advertisers. 

YouTube money Calculator

How to increase YouTube revenue?

There are many different ways to make money on YouTube:

  • Increase the subscription base, but not students and wound bots. It should be interested people who are interested in your topic and who come to click on the thematic advertising. 100,000 subscribers will view your new videos on the channel, and here you have $100-200 per video. And this is only at the expense of subscribers.
  • Constantly publish new videos. Create a schedule, plan new topics, write to the calendar when and what to release. At least 1 new video per week should be released so that the channel performance does not fall.
  • Post long videos, not 2-3 minutes. Studies of popular video bloggers show that long videos help to get much more than short ones. On average, 30-60 minutes is enough to interest subscribers, give them useful information and give them time to click on advertising. Due to the long rollers increases CPM, more advertising options and you can connect high-paying advertising.
  • Place advertising pauses – a very interesting move, which is actively used in television programs. Insert them not too often, so as not to scare away the audience. Choose a place according to the charts of audience retention – see at what point the retention is high or above average, and there you can insert advertising.
  • Connect all possible types of advertising in the monetization section. This can help to increase your YouTube money calculator.
YouTube calculator

7 lifehacks to increase earnings on Youtube

  1. Visit or watch a master class of a successful video blogger, where he will tell you how to make money on the channel, using non-standard methods of promotion.
  2. Upload as much viral content as possible to the video blog. Interesting and unusual video users share with hunting. This is one of the best ways to get YouTube subscribers and earn money without initial investments.
  3. Shoot and add short videos. According to research conducted by marketers Socialbakers, most users watch videos lasting from 31 to 60 seconds.
  4. Do SEO-description for each video. Well-chosen keywords help YouTube users find your video faster and promote it to the top.
  5. Constantly enrich the database of active subscribers. To do this, you must use all possible ways: mutual subscription or repost through social networks, attracting friends or relatives, posts with links to forums and more. Cheat services do not belong to this category, besides their use is accompanied by a high risk of blocking the channel.
  6. Make a video that encourages you to watch it to the end. The main indicator of a video ranking on YouTube is the time of its viewing by the channel audience. The more users watch the video in full, the more interesting it is and the higher it is displayed in the output line.
  7. Regularly update video content. Subscribers need to be constantly surprised, otherwise they will quickly lose interest in the channel. The best is adding new videos 2 times a week.

Final word

Earn on YouTube can each of us. If you want to make on this business, you will have to work: layout only high-quality videos and to improve your users engaged in your work. For big earnings you will need to work long and hard, count your Youtube earnings calculator Resourceful, creative, diligent, purposeful people were able to build a thriving business on YouTube, and some simply use this resource to generate passive income.

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