How To Use Hashtag Generator To Boost Organic Reach?

I bet you’ve tried to put hashtags to your Instagram caption at least once. Hashtags are robust tools to improve your post discoverability and drive people who are interested in your content and services. But guessing hashtags or randomly putting them is not effective. I recommend you to make use of the handy and free Hashtag finder. 

In 3 minutes, I’ll review the main advantages of the service and teach you how to find hashtags. Let’s rock your pictures with organic views! 

5 reasons to try Hashtag generator

I continuously monitor new services for digital promotion and Instagram marketing. But only this Hashtags searcher managed to boost the reach of my posts by 3 times during the first week of use. What are the main features:

  1. You can type up to 5 words per search. This is a super convenient and rare option among other hashtags searchers. You will get precise and target results. 
  2. You can use any alphabet and language for keywords. This means you can type keys even for international markets. 
  3. The hashtag’s library lists over 12 mln. The search results you get are the hashtags that service regularly updates by adding new. Also, banned hashtags are excluded automatically. 
  4. Hashtags are grouped by difficulty. This feature allows you to combine competitive hashtags and niche hashtags in one set. I’ll describe how in the guide. 
  5. Precise analytics on hashtags. Tap on the hashtag and view for how long your post is estimated to appear in the  TOP feed; average likes number of the posts people mark with this hashtag. Also, you can explore top posts and guess your chances. 

Also, you can benefit from the AI-powered finder that scans the image you need. Just past a URL to an IG post or upload any image from a computer of a phone without mentioning any keywords. Simple genius! 

How to use Hashtags searcher – simple guidance

To begin with, you are to pass the 2-minutes registration on Toolzu. Open the Hashtag generator and begin your exploration. 

#1 Enter keys

Hashtag generator

Firstly, type 1-5 keywords or phrases and divide them with commas. Enter words designating your business, image, or the location you work in. Keep in mind that you can use Cyrillic, Latin, and other alphabets. All languages are welcome. 

Also, you can make use of the AI finder:

  • paste a URL to the post on Instagram and push Generate hashtags;
  • upload any photo and get relevant hashtags. 

Let’s generate a great mix! 

#2 Blend hashtags using the correct proportion

Blend hashtags

As soon as hashtags appear behind your eyes, you see they are classified by difficulty. You need hashtags of each group but in a certain proportion:

  • High difficulty – from 1 to 3 in a mix. The Hight hashtags are used very often, so the content in the feed is spammy. You have little chance and little time to get to the top. 
  • Medium difficult hashtags – from 6-10 in a mix. This group is more niche and searchable but still overused. We’ll add them for variety. 
  • Low difficulty – from 10-18 in a mix. The major part of your combination should be niche and specific hashtags. It’s simple to stick to the TOP section for a longer period cause these hashtags list fewer posts. 

The maximum number of hashtags is 30 in one post caption. 

hashtag generator for instagram

#3 Make sets for the future

I hope you checked the boxes considering the proportion I recommend you. You should know that using the same combination under all your posts is now a win-win idea. Change the order of hashtags and update them with new hashtags. 

Also, you need to make hashtags sets for every category of products if you sell through an IG shop. Add to them location-specific hashtags so that people could find you fast. 

#4 Check the post’s insights 

As soon as you uploaded your first professional combination of hashtags, you need to measure the results. To do that, you are to switch to a business Instagram profile and open post insights. In impressions, you see how many people saw your post through hashtags. The best combination will boost the organic reach by 2-3 times. 

Never stop testing new mixes! 


Finally, you know how to boost organic post reach and followers with free and convenient hashtags searchers. Add the research to your monthly routine in promotion strategy – constituency will bring the result! Don’t get upset if the first set didn’t work, rearrange, and add new hashtags to indicate the best combo. 

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